Andrew McCloy’s specialist access and recreation advice can help you achieve high quality leisure provision in both the public and private sectors

Do you want to…

Encourage active and healthy lifestyles among your customers or target group?

Improve physical access to the countryside and green open spaces?

Deliver benefits for both recreation and conservation?

Resolve issues between different recreational user groups?

Plan for walking and cycling in new developments?

Consultancy services

I work closely with specialists in other fields to deliver integrated support and advice for large projects. They include leading ecology consultants Baker Consultants  and Telltale who provide heritage, wildlife and tourism interpretation.

I provide a range of specialist access management services that can be tailored to a client’s specific requirements:

Mitigation strategies

Devising strategic and operational approaches to ensure that recreation and conservation are not mutually exclusive, including the design of SANGS (Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space) and green infrastructure planning for new residential developments.

Access audits and management plans

An appraisal of not just path furniture and infrastructure, but understanding where people go and why, so that public access provision, path networks and so on can operate effectively.

Specialist advice on walking and cycling

Advising clients on the design and layout of new routes and networks and evaluating the connectivity of existing ones; up to date knowledge of new regulatory requirements; establishing an evidence base.

Report writing

Contributing specialist access and recreation evidence for formal documents such as Habitat Regulation Assessments and Environmental Impact Assessments, as well as public inquiries and other hearings.

Research and surveys

Such as visitor surveys and analysis to identify patterns of use and help understand and influence recreational behaviour.

Community engagement

Interaction with local communities and recreational users to identify issues and aspirations and to produce solutions.

Evaluation and learning

Understanding outcomes and drawing together key messages.

Experience of Inquiries

Preparing Proofs of Evidence on all aspects of access, recreation and open space, as well as appearing as an expert witness at Planning Inquiries

People who I work with.

My clients range from commercial developers and leisure industry specialists, to local authorities, public bodies and national charities, including:


“We rely on Andrew’s knowledge and skills in the specialist area of access and recreation to help us provide high quality survey work, analysis and innovative solutions for our clients.”

Andrew Baker

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